A cast iron skillet of blackened chicken with roasted broccoli, and a mixture of cauliflower rice, sun-dried tomatoes and a sauce prepared with carrots, onions, squash that has been pureed with coconut milk.

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Blackened Chicken CauliMac has no cheese and no Mac noodles!

Made with blackened chicken with Sundried tomatoes, and roasted broccoli with cauliflower noodles mixed in a vegetable cream sauce (made with squash, carrots, and coconut cream).

Can be prepared with double chicken, or replace the cauliflower with noodles if you prefer. 

Available in single serving, 4 serving, and 8 serving pans.

Single servings are in microwave safe containers.

4 and 8 serving pans are best when heated at 400 deg for 30-45 minutes but may be reheated in smaller portions. 



Ingredients: chicken, cauliflower, carrots, yellow squash, onions, coconut milk, egg yolk, broccoli, coconut oil, blackening seasoning, garlic, salt, pepper.

Per Serving: Calories 367, Protein 31g, Carb 16g, Sugar 6g, Sat Fat 17g, no added sugar.