The Adventure Story

The vision for Simple Meals began several years ago, after our 2nd

child was born.  My husband and I were tired, worn out, and slightly overweight … still carrying the “baby weight.”  Justin learned of a process that leads you through cutting out all processed foods and sugar.  This is the Maker’s Diet which is Biblically based from the Old Testament.  God teaches the Israelites, and us to eat and cleanse.  Within the 8 weeks, Justin lost 28 pounds and I lost 15.  More than just losing weight, we were able to feel great, less exhaustion and fatigue, and our athletic endurance for running, playing sports, and being active with our kids increased and improved.  Benefits were not just in how we felt, as a runner I was never fast, but now I am consistently running 2-3 minutes faster, and more miles without pain and quicker recovery times.

      Over the next few years we have invited others into our home to help teach them the process and share with them recipes, meals, and tips to help them succeed in the process of having a healthier family and lifestyle, but we know there is more.  Our culture has pushed people and families to be busier, over scheduled and a consequence of that is we have lessened the priority of taking care of ourselves, and we are not being intentional about what we are eating.  Many are aware of the negative effects, depression, obesity, medical and health complications, sickness, of not eating well but many do not know what to do to change it.

     Simple Meals is designed to help busy people and families gain more time to spend with each other, while providing a healthy, wholesome meal for everyone to enjoy.  We have seen the importance of eating a great meal together, and we value relational, face-to-face, time spent with our family and friends.  Simple Meals takes natural, whole foods, that have low processing and prepares them into flavorful, simple meals that in 45 minutes or less you are able to serve to your family and friends.  Thus, helping our families and friends to achieve more quality time, while enjoying healthy, flavorful simple meals.


Welcome Simple Meals, where meals are made pure and simple.


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