Are you on a "diet?"

Are you overwhelmed, or underwhelmed with the idea of dieting.  The effort involved in following a prescribed list of allowed foods can be challenging before you've even started.  And with so many options, Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Maker's, vegan, vegetarian, high fat, low fat, no carbs, all chocolate, no dairy, gluten free, raw, oh my.  

At Simple Meals we have something for everyone!  We do not follow any one specific diet or plan but most of our foods will fit into many different plans.  We use the least processing possible, and strive to pack your meal with a variety of vegetables.  Our meals can be modified to allow for your vegetarian family members, or can have added protein to hit a Paleo mark.  Chicken CauliMac is Keto friendly!  Raw Pad Thai is a great break from cooked foods, and eating raw has shown great nutritional benefit.

Healthy eating begins with learning to make great choices in what you are putting into your body.  Making easy substitutions of spaghetti squash instead of lasagna noodles, or quinoa as a high protein, whole grain, will help you achieve your goals.  Our Chicken CauliMac uses carrots, onions, and squash in the sauce, which gives you extra veggies without even knowing it.  

Let us help you make the best choices for you and your family.  

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